Here is a portion of the employment agreement showing three of the approximately 24 different paragraphs that make up the various terms and conditions of the agreement.


4.  Facilities, Equipment, Supplies and Personnel.

Employer shall provide or arrange to provide such space, facilities, equipment, allied health professionals, administrative personnel, supplies, utilities and administrative services as are reasonably necessary in Employer’s opinion for Employee to carry out his/her duties under this Agreement.

5.  At-Will Employment; Termination.

Employee understands that his/her employment with Employer is “at will.” Either party may terminate this Agreement for any reason, with or without cause, with or without notice, without further obligation or liability. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement, the rights and duties created by this paragraph may not be modified in any way except by a written agreement dated and signed by your Employer. Employer makes no promises or representations, express or implied, written or oral, of continued employment or of employment for any specified period of time.

6.  Standards of Practice and Compliance with Laws.

In carrying out the duties under this Agreement, Employee, at all times, shall comply with the standards of optometric practice in the community and with all applicable statutes, rules and regulations of any and all governmental authorities. Employee acknowledges that, if required by law, he/she will obtain and maintain all licenses and certificates necessary for him/her to carry out his/her duties under this Agreement. Employee shall notify Employer within twenty-four (24) hours of the commencement or conclusion of any action or proceeding to restrict, suspend or revoke any such required license or certificate.