California Incorporation Services


Use this option to pay for incorporation services Dr. Steinberg has agreed to provide you for the formation of a California professional optometric corporation.The fee is $990, plus $250 to cover the out-of-pocket cost for the corporate book, filing fees, and attorney service fees, for a total of $1240.00. Additional fees are for credit card costs and shipping of the completed corporate book back to you. Please do not use this option if you have not first discussed with Dr. Steinberg forming a corporation.


What you get:

  1. Formation of a California professional optometric corporation/Articles of Incorporation.
  2. Completed Bylaws for your corporation in compliance with the Knox-Keene Act and the regulations of the Board of Optometry.
  3. Organizational Minutes, properly establishing the corporate structure, shareholders, and officers, issuing shares, and authorizing "S" election.
  4. Sample "Annual Minutes" for maintaining corporate formalities.
  5. Completed share certificates and stock legend.
  6. All meeting notices, waivers, and appointment of Directors.
  7. Sample employment and independent contractor agreements.
  8. A completed "Corporate Book" that requires you to simply sign where it says, "sign here" to properly form your corporation, along with instructions of what to do next.

Not included are obtaining your Tax ID (EIN), which you'll do yourself from the IRS website at, or the IRS forms for electing to be an "S" corporation. This should be done by your accountant once you receive your corporate book.


Payment Instructions:

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(b) To pay using your Credit Card choose "Pay With Debit or Credit Card" at the bottom. You will be prompted to enter your credit card billing information. All major credit cards are accepted.

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* Notes:

(1) 2.9% is added to your payment (listed as "tax", but this isn't tax) to cover the credit card charges.

(2) A shipping fee of $12.50 is added for the cost of shipping your completed Corporate Book and formation documents to you once completed. Please enter your shipping address.