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Business and Healthcare Litigation

gavelAbout half of Dr. Steinberg's law practice is in the areas of litigation and trial practice, generally focusing on business and healthcare litigation. "Business Litigation" is a broad area that encompasses the ordinary disputes that arise in business contexts such as contracts and breach of contracts, claims of fraud, misappropriation of trade secrets, non-compete agreements, and related business issues. "Healthcare litigation" addresses some of the unique situations which arise involving billing and coding, compliance with third party and CMS regulations, litigation against third party payers (vision care plans and insurance companies) and related topics.


Dr. Steinberg also works with employers in defense of various employee-related legal matters including employment lawsuits (wrongful termination, harassment, etc.) and consulting. Representative of the kinds of cases and clients Dr. Steinberg has handled or is currently handling are:


  • Represented optometrists in litigation and administrative proceedings against VSP;
  • Represented an optometrist suing an employee for misappropriation of a patient list;
  • Defended a 145,000 member IPA from claims it was underpaying emergency room physicians;
  • Defended the same IPA from claims it had to pay an Urgent Care for non-contracted care;
  • Represented a high-tech company in breach of contract and interference with contract litigation;
  • Defended businesses in the wholesale produce industry being sued for breach of contract;
  • Represented seventy optometrists against Johnson & Johnson in a fraud/contract case;
  • Defended a physician being sued by a medical group for misappropriation of trade secrets;
  • Defended an optometrist sued for interference with contract and misappropriation;
  • Defended a health care consulting group being sued for misappropriation and fraud;
  • Defended an optometrist being sued by an ex-employee for discrimination;
  • Represented an optometrist suing an optical group for interference with a lease agreement.