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California Optometrist-Optician Relationships

Dr. Steinberg's unique expertise in optometric law extends to the complex relationship of opticians and optometrists in California. Many optometrists and opticians want to work together, but recognize that, in California, their business relationship is highly regulated. Many relationships between optometrists and opticians are precluded by California Bus. & Prof. Code 655. However, as a result of his experience with this complex area of law, Dr. Steinberg is regularly retained to advise and assist optometrists and opticians in developing a working relationship without violating California's strict laws regulating these two complimentary professions.

ATTENTION: A new Bus. & Prof. Code 655 has gone into effect. The new law dramatically alters Optician-Optometrist relations, permitting direct leasing by an optician to an optometrist, subject to very specific rules that must be contained in a WRITTEN sublease agreement. Contrary to common misunderstanding, it does NOT permit an optician to employ an optometrist and does not allow an optometrist and an optician to co-own an office or have a partnership in any form.

If you are an optician wishing to enter into a business relationship with an optometrist, or an optometrist that is working with an optician, Dr. Steinberg now provides with a 655 compliant written sublease and can optionally provide the consulting necessary to comply with the new law and avoid the risk of State Board discipline.

Click HERE for information about purchasing a Model OD-Optician Sublease Agreement that fully complies with the new law, allowing an optometrist to legally lease space from an optician for the first time.